Corporate Mission

Mission Statement

Muir Contracting, Inc. is a general commercial construction contractor focused on managing and delivering superior contract performance to achieve exemplary project results.


Company Vision

Muir Contracting, Inc. strives to become a highly-sought after general construction contractor, known throughout the industry for its professionalism, integrity, and reliability while delivering superior project results.


Business Goals and Objectives

  • Build solution-based, team-oriented customer relationships with federal, state, and privately-owned customers in order to establish confidence and trust for numerous subsequent awards.
  • Provide exemplary project results and receive outstanding past performance ratings on completed projects in order to continue building successful past performance experience, which will in turn lead to future contract awards.
  • Maintain continued company growth by pursuing customers who provide successful teaming relationships, multiple project opportunities, and positive referrals to other potential customers.
  • Provide a safe, open, and honest working environment for employees, subcontractors, and suppliers to foster ownership and pride in the company’s workmanship and ensure cohesive, solution-oriented team performance.